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Keep Male Fertility

To keep the fertility of men, here are a few things can be done so that fertility can be maintained:
• Use Loose Pants
Usage Jeans or slacks can make the testicles too close to the body, so that the temperature rise in the area that can reduce sperm production.

• Eat Many zinc

Zinc is one of the important substances in the production of sperm and sperm function mengaktikan. Nutritionists believe in taking 15 mg of zinc per day may improve sperm damage caused by hazardous chemicals that absorb from nature.
Foods rich in zinc include seafood, red meat, grains and nuts.
• Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
There are a number of studies have found smoking can damage the sperm membrane, making them lazy and affect its ability to reach the ovum. Smoking can alter the sperm DNA, this will cause defects in infants.
Alcoholic beverages more than 8 units in 48 hours can reduce testosterone levels up to 20% even 12 hours after stopping drinking.
• Drink plenty of water
Drink 1.5 to 2 liters per day is important to maintain a healthy body. In several studies on tap water that they take for example the female hormone estrogen found. This might come from estrogen derived from nature. Caffeine in coffee and cola can reduce sperm production and increase stress levels.


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