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Releasing Anger

Arguing makes you angry, but more healthy to channel emotion. In fact, married women who harbored feelings higher death risk in the emotional appeal that channel, so according to the study for 10 years. But from the yelling and screaming, try the following tips:

  • Write down your emotions

Write down and give it to her husband, how this makes you think without the interruptions and the appeal was not scary to talk about it out loud. It also can help you develop the confidence to reveal your feeling.

  • Take Idle Time

Try the streets and give space and place to ourselves to think and you are less likely to say something you do not want in the middle of a hot situation. Back to the situation again when you feel ready, although to start again from start.

  • Do not blame

When voicing your feelings, avoid pointing the finger to your spouse. Better to use the statement ‘I’ for example, “I feel in ignore, if not heard from you when you go”. This method can minimize the tension and help you both better comunication.


January 10, 2010 - Posted by | Healthy, lifestyle

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