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Overcoming Headaches

Headache is a very disturbing activities of our daily lives, according to experts the major causes of headaches are: tension imbalance in neurotransmitters in the brain. The good news, a study shows we can relieve chronic tension up to 80% just by breathing exercises.

Respiratory stabilize the production of calming serotonin and other brain chemicals, so you feel better in minutes, even without medication. Stop the work being done when he appeared at the first sign of headache causes. Pull normal breath, then exhale slowly as long as you can. Repeat until 5 minutes.

Breathing exercises can also strengthen the diaphragm, helps prevent lower back pain and also increase metabolism.


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10 beauty foods

There are some foods that turned out very good for beauty, delicious food for the consumption and provide benefits for ourselves. Here are 10 foods that are good for the beauty that contain omega-3 or antioxidants:

  1. Wild salmon (omega-3)
  2. Low fat yogurt
  3. Shells
  4. Blueberry (contains antioxidants)
  5. Kiwi (contains antioxidants)
  6. Sweet potato (containing antioxidants)
  7. Spinach (contains antioxidants)
  8. Tomatoes (contains antioxidants)
  9. Walnut (containing antioxidants and omega-3)
  10. Dark chocolate (contains antioxidants)

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Caring for premature babies

Every new parent fear to caring for the new-born premature babies, who usually need more care and attention. Here’s a guide for new parents whose babies were born prematurely, from the Nemours Foundation:

  • Limit your activities outside the home for a baby for several weeks, except to the doctor for examination.
  • Create Schedule doctor’s visit when the doctor is not busy, or have waiting in the room more personal.
  • Do not allow too many people see your premature baby and do not allow the sick people visiting your home.
  • Ask all visitors to wash their hands before touching your baby.
  • Let your baby sleep longer, always sleep on her back.
  • Be sure to give your baby food at least 4 hours. Generally 8 to 10 times per day

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Super Foods For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women would need good nutrition to maintain health and development of her fetus. But whatever the food is good for pregnant women and the reasons why it needed, following some food:

  • Bean

Why the need: chickpeas, lentils, black beans and soy beans provide fiber, protein, iron, folate, calcium and zinc.

How to enjoy: Add the soups, salads and pasta.

  • Broccoli

Why the need: Contains folate, fiber, calcium, lutein, zeaxanthin, carotenoids for maintaining healthy vision. Potassium for fluid balance and normal blood pressure. Broccoli also contains the raw material for the production of vitamin A in the body.

How to enjoy: as part of the pasta and stir in steamed and in berries in olive oil and add the puree of broccoli soup Cut the size of a meal, olive oil give the oven until tender about 15 minutes.

  • Cheese Pasteurization

Why the need: cheese contains calcium, phosphorus and magnesium to your bones and your baby, plus vitamin B12 and protein. Use the type of fat in the cut to reduce fat, cholesterol and calories.

How to enjoy: As a snack with wheat crackers or fruit, sprinkle over soups, salads, sandwiches and omelettes.

  • Berry

Why the need: Rich in carbohydrates, vitamin C, potassium, folate, fiber and liquids. Phytonutrient in the berry is a potent plant compound found naturally, can protect cells from damage.

How to enjoy: Add the cereal grain in smoothies made with milk in yogut or pancakes and salad. Enter in yogurt and crispy wheat cereal for dessert.

  • Plain Low-Fat Yogurt

Why the need: Contains protein, calcium, vitamin D and more corpulent plain zinc.Yogurt contains calcium in milk appeal.

How to enjoy: Add fruit or honey, crisp wheat cereal with fresh fruit or dried. Use yogurt to the above siramkan roasted sweet potatoes.

  • Sweet potato

Why the need: contains vitamin C, folate, fiber and carotenoids, compounds that in turn the body into vitamin A. Also contains large amounts of potassium.

How to enjoy: Bake, for the snacks. For the roasted berries canola oil and bake until tender about 15-20 minutes.

  • Eggs

Why the need: Eggs contain protein because it provides all the standard amino acids in need you and your baby. Also contains more than a dozen vitamins and minerals such as choline, lutein and zeaxanthin.

How to enjoy: In omelette, salad, sandwiches, homemade waffles, crepes and toasted wheat bread as a snack.

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Tricks Strengthens memory and verbal skills

Brains have surely we all desire, but where do I care how the brain’s ability to think and remember?

Not too difficult, simply by eating 8 meals per week of cruciferous vegetables and green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, romaine lettuce. Harvard researchers examined the eating habits of 13,388 women for 10 years find, study participants who ate more vegetables is a memory and verbal skills better in the age of 60 compared to eating less or not eating this vegetable.

Test involves remembering word lists after 15 minutes, mentioning as many animals in 1 minute and count the number back.

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