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Keep Male Fertility

To keep the fertility of men, here are a few things can be done so that fertility can be maintained:
• Use Loose Pants
Usage Jeans or slacks can make the testicles too close to the body, so that the temperature rise in the area that can reduce sperm production.

• Eat Many zinc

Zinc is one of the important substances in the production of sperm and sperm function mengaktikan. Nutritionists believe in taking 15 mg of zinc per day may improve sperm damage caused by hazardous chemicals that absorb from nature.
Foods rich in zinc include seafood, red meat, grains and nuts.
• Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
There are a number of studies have found smoking can damage the sperm membrane, making them lazy and affect its ability to reach the ovum. Smoking can alter the sperm DNA, this will cause defects in infants.
Alcoholic beverages more than 8 units in 48 hours can reduce testosterone levels up to 20% even 12 hours after stopping drinking.
• Drink plenty of water
Drink 1.5 to 2 liters per day is important to maintain a healthy body. In several studies on tap water that they take for example the female hormone estrogen found. This might come from estrogen derived from nature. Caffeine in coffee and cola can reduce sperm production and increase stress levels.

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Making Everything Felt Better

Stress with work, bills, and a list of to do is not resolved? Awaken your spirit to take knitting needles, glue or crayons. Spoiling the creative impulse can strengthen a sense of well-being clearly Cheryl Saban, PhD, in his book What Is Your Self-Worth? A woman ‘s Guide to Validation. If your creative ideas stop flowing, use the following trick to arouse creativity:

  • Replace with non-dominant hand for tasks such as brushing your teeth to engage the right side of the brain responsible for creativity and imagination.
  • Trim wardrobe using color codes for quick visual projects.
  • Visiting the Museum for inspiration.
  • Spend some time separated in nature to relax and clear my head.
  • Bake the cake and freeze. How to make this delicious results.

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Secret Beauty Of India

A beauty secret from india is the scalp massage, head massage including essential part of everyday life people india. Massage can be done by massage therapists who provide services on the streets in most cities to generate energy, is also a nightly ritual to help relax muscles, calm the nervous system and makes sleep difficult.

Scalp massage also encourages hair growth with a member of nutrients in the capillary vessels in the scalp, increasing blood flow to activate the hair follicle, preventing dandruff to stimulate skin cells.

How to Massage: With your index finger, middle finger and ring finger, massage the scalp with a circular motion starting from the forehead, top of the head and neck bottom.

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Slim looks with dressed

According to Katie Rice Jones, a stylist who gives advice to dress in more than 400 television segments and at www., clothing and appropriate accessories can make you look more slender. The following way:

  • Choose monochromatic Total

You may have heard, wearing one color to streamline effect. This effect can be maximize by using the same color hair color. This method creates a solid visual lines, and more extended body. So, if you berearna hair dark brown, try brown. More slender blond hair with a tan color and mustards. Red hair looked better with burgundy and Russet (red brown)

  • Select Line Neck The narrows

V neckline that falls to the tapered line to create slimmer impression on the torso. In addition, this neckline to draw attention away from the line of the chest and problematic areas.

  • Wear the Right Shoes

High heels can make Word look taller. The good news, similar effects can also be of flat-heeled shoes. The key, shoes on the toes should be pointed. These shoes extending legs, making you look taller and slender.

  • Select the Most Beautiful Jeans

Choose high-waist jeans with a medium. Waist pants are cut the body down the middle and make the stomach was distended. Waist pants that are too high make you look shorter and squarer. Just choose jeans below the navel.

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Releasing Anger

Arguing makes you angry, but more healthy to channel emotion. In fact, married women who harbored feelings higher death risk in the emotional appeal that channel, so according to the study for 10 years. But from the yelling and screaming, try the following tips:

  • Write down your emotions

Write down and give it to her husband, how this makes you think without the interruptions and the appeal was not scary to talk about it out loud. It also can help you develop the confidence to reveal your feeling.

  • Take Idle Time

Try the streets and give space and place to ourselves to think and you are less likely to say something you do not want in the middle of a hot situation. Back to the situation again when you feel ready, although to start again from start.

  • Do not blame

When voicing your feelings, avoid pointing the finger to your spouse. Better to use the statement ‘I’ for example, “I feel in ignore, if not heard from you when you go”. This method can minimize the tension and help you both better comunication.

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Feeling more optimistic tips

Want to be more optimistic, try the following tips:

  • Heartening to Praise

Do something good for someone, for example, told colleagues, the results of his work brilliant, when he was not hope it, can improve self esteem and optimism in you. Once the research by the University of Michigan. In addition you likely to get credit, which would generate a sense of happiness.

  • Emphasize positive

During the week, write down everything you are doing well. Ranging from praise from the boss to prescribe exercise you expect. In a study of the University of California at Riverside, the people who do this for 7 days said that increased optimism in the appeal that do not make notes.

  • Joint with right people

Spend time with people who are positive and you will feel will be more excited, too. Apparently feeling of joy was infectious, we might catch from the people around us.

  • Enlightening Your day With Warm Color

Brain scans show, see the bright colors of yellow and oraye increase the pleasure hormone levels of serotonin in the brain. Make us automaticly more happy, we seem to associate these colors with positive things like the sun and the flowers are proven to increase morale.

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Health Benefits of Chocolate Cocoa Pertikel Set

The researchers The Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition in Hersey and scientists from Brunswick Laboratories in Taunton Massachusetts and Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, found the antioxidants in chocolate and cocoa are closely related to the amount of cocoa nonfat ingredient in the product.

The results of the study found, the product with the highest levels of flavanol antioxidants are cocoa powder, baking chocolate without making sweet, dark chocolate and semi sweet chips, milk chocolate and chocolate syrup.

Flavanols cocoa, epicatechin and cathecin example, in cardiovascular health linked with. The researchers found large differences in the number cathecin and relate it to the manufacturing process. According to them, epicatecihin, the main flafanol monomers contained in the sample, can be converted into catechins during the process of roasting and an alkali lawyer. Monomer is a small molecule that can be chemically bonded to other monomers to form the polymer.

Study again confirms the results, the number of flavanol, whether large or small, in products such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate and cocoa powder is closely related to levels of cocoa particles in chocolate products. Study results published in the Journal of Agricultural of Food Chemistry.

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Overcoming menstrual cramps

The majority of women experience menstrual cramps when they, menstrual cramps at the beginning when estrogen levels rise. In pain inflicted must make uncomfortable, but it was menstrual cramps can be overcome by Flaxseed . Flaxseed is rich in compounds called the lignans which serves to absorb the excess estrogen from the system.

In a study Mayo Clinic , Drink 3 tablespoons flaxseed oil every day can reduce the heat to a half of turmoil in 6 weeks.

How to use: Sprinkle 3 tablespoons of flaxseed powder or 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil into your daily diet and you will feel much less having cramps every month. Or try flaxseed oil supplements. Drink 3-4 grams per day.

Another way to use flaxseed:

  • Add flaxseed powder in the dough muffins, pancakes, bread, or biscuit.
  • Sow flaxseed powder on yogurt and cereal.
  • Buy foods with added flaxseed.

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Overcoming Headaches

Headache is a very disturbing activities of our daily lives, according to experts the major causes of headaches are: tension imbalance in neurotransmitters in the brain. The good news, a study shows we can relieve chronic tension up to 80% just by breathing exercises.

Respiratory stabilize the production of calming serotonin and other brain chemicals, so you feel better in minutes, even without medication. Stop the work being done when he appeared at the first sign of headache causes. Pull normal breath, then exhale slowly as long as you can. Repeat until 5 minutes.

Breathing exercises can also strengthen the diaphragm, helps prevent lower back pain and also increase metabolism.

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10 beauty foods

There are some foods that turned out very good for beauty, delicious food for the consumption and provide benefits for ourselves. Here are 10 foods that are good for the beauty that contain omega-3 or antioxidants:

  1. Wild salmon (omega-3)
  2. Low fat yogurt
  3. Shells
  4. Blueberry (contains antioxidants)
  5. Kiwi (contains antioxidants)
  6. Sweet potato (containing antioxidants)
  7. Spinach (contains antioxidants)
  8. Tomatoes (contains antioxidants)
  9. Walnut (containing antioxidants and omega-3)
  10. Dark chocolate (contains antioxidants)

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